99 Flake Soft Ice Cream Vans available for all Events in London

girls enjoying a 99 flake soft ice cream

girls enjoying a 99 flake soft ice cream

Honours full multi flavoured ice cream menu

Honours ice cream menu

vanilla 99 soft ice cream cone

vanilla 99 soft ice cream cone

99 flake Soft Ice Cream Vans for all Events in London

Honours Ice Cream of London offering vanilla 99 flake soft ice creams and an assortment of sorbets. Including lemon sorbet, orange sorbet, apple sorbet, cherry sorbet, bubble gum sorbet and strawberry sorbet. Alternatively there are scooped ice creams including mint choc chip, chocolate and coconut ice cream. We also offer a variety of branded products such as Magnum, Twister, Chocolate Feast, Mint Feast, Nobbly Bobbly, Calippo Orange, Ribena Blackcurrant, Strawberry Split, Zapp and banana cream. Additionally there is a selection of refreshing fruit lollies for those hot summer days. Our fruit flavoured lollies are cherry brandy, orange, lemon, cola and bubble gum flavour. 99 flake soft ice cream is one of the UK’s favourites.  Especially when it comes to impulse buying from an ice cream van.  Honours ice cream’s menu includes vanilla 99 flakes, a selection of twin cones to screwballs, tubs, oysters, sugar cones all ad up to a delicious selection of 99 flake soft ice cream favourites. Other traditionally popular ice creams which are made with 99 flake soft ice cream are Chocolate Sundae’s, Screwball, Popeye 99, Hedge Hog, Boat Sundae and 99 Knickerbocker Glories. We sell a wide range of products to all type of events and shows throughout London and the south east and the 99 flake soft ice cream is always one of our customers favourites! Occasionally we are contacted by event organisers or promotional agencies that are looking to provide a large number of ice creams in a short period. This is when it is much quicker to serve all of the guests the same products to speed service to a maximum, there may be a few other choices but on whole the majority of customer’s will choose a 99 flake soft ice cream over any other options. Contact Honours Ice Cream to have one of our soft ice cream vans at your event, promotion or special occasion !

Corporate Ice Cream Van Hire London and the South East

Honours Ice Cream were booked to cater for a blue chip company based on the outskirts of London. This was for corporate ice cream van hire service on the borders of London and the M25.

Onur with the Olympic Torch at a corporate event we were hired to cater 20th July 2012

Corporate Ice Cream Van Hire

Corporate ice cream van hire Throughout London and the south east!
We arrived stocked and ready to serve hundreds of staff courtesy of their Company. The ice cream van was in place , already washed and clean inside and out. I opened the servery window to get some air as I had 15 minutes before service was to commence, all the main preparation was already complete but there were a few last minute things to do. I turned my back as I was arranging some lollies in to place when I noticed a 10 metre queue already appeared and growing by the minute. I soon moved into action and had the stream of customers constantly moving until they were all served and dusted! Every body seemed very happy and complimented us on the large selection of products on our menu. We supplied our full ice cream selection consisting of Wall’s, Treat’s, Nestle, 12 flavoured scoop ice creams, scooped sorbets, selection of various flavoured Knickerbocker glories, fruit lollies, tubs, oyster’s, ice cream boats, screwball’s and not forgetting raspberry and strawberry flavoured slush puppies. The management came to thank us for providing the ice cream service and they have re booked us for another event next month. On the way out the security chap said to me “you were the most popular attraction here today”. I replied, thank you that is nice to hear, but certainly felt like it!

Ice Cream Flavours

  • Vanilla Soft Ice Cream
  • Lemon Sorbet
  • Cherry Sorbet
  • Bubble Gum Sorbet
  • Apple Sorbet
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Orange Sorbet
  • Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Mint Choc Chip
  • Coconut Ice Cream

Honours Ice Cream hired to provide an ice cream van for a small corporate event in Kensington, London in June 2012.
We were hired to provide the ice cream van and measurements of the top and lower panels. We specified that this was a new ice cream van that we do not normally brand but there was a type of banner made with very little adhesive, it was more like the plastic that you stick on windows and can be taken off very easily. The song “Heatwave” by “Wiley” was blasting from the ice cream van as we gave out free complimentary Mr Whippy ice creams cones and 99’s.
The song was very popular with the passing public and confirmed its popularity by making the top of the UK charts late July, August 2012.

the sun corporate ice cream van hire

The Sun news complimentary ice creams London

Above is a photo of a corporate ice cream van hire in London early August 2012.
Honours Ice Cream were booked  to provide an  ice cream van with free ice creams compliments of  “The Sun Newspaper”. We served hundreds of soldiers and page three girls who were also present. The most popular ice cream was Twin cone vanilla soft whip 99’s with all the toppings. All were very happy and even jumped in to the ice cream van for a quick photo shoot with the girls at the servery.

Ice Cream Van Hire Company with All Inclusive Deals

Honours ice cream van hire company

Honours ice cream van hire company


Ice cream van on summer tour

Ice cream van hire company event

Honours Ice Cream Van Hire Company

We are available for all type of events and shows that require an ice cream van hire company to provide complimentary ice cream package for large numbers. We can discuss your exact requirements and put together a package that suits your needs!  There are an increasing number of enquiries that look to host their private event for their staff, guests or even targeted audience to provide a complimentary ice cream van service. We have years of experience in the hospitality industry going back to the 1980’s when we were in the restaurant and catering industry. I was one of the youngest if not the youngest licensees in London at the time, fully responsible for a 250 seater A’la’ Carte restaurant and cabaret late night restaurant plus a 130 seater Function Hall. This experience has proved very valuable as we have since worked with many other companies that are in the hospitality industry that demand courtesy and customer care.

We recently catered for approximately 600 staff at their annual summer party, they were based in West London. We provided two immaculate ice cream vans both with the same matching coloured livery, we gave the organisers complimentary ticket to issue to their staff and they happily chose their ice creams and were all served in a two hour period, this was with a choice of up to 12 flavoured ice creams, sorbets, fully organic ingredient ice creams and soft whip vanilla 99’s.

We have recently catered for many high profile and blue chip companies where we have provided a complimentary ice cream service to their staff or clients. Hire an ice cream van for your forthcoming event or special occasion and we will do our utmost to help make your special day a successful and memorable one!

Type of events covered

  • Ice Cream Van Hire Company Events
  • Company Fun Days
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Promotional Ice Cream Van Hire
  • Staff Hospitality
  • Ice Cream Van Tour
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Wedding Party
  • Civil Ceremonies
Ice cream van outside London ITV studios

Ice cream van in London

We have recently serviced and prepared our ice cream vans ready for the New Year and 2013 ice cream season. Our ice cream vans are now ready to cater for our customer’s requests and bookings. Honours Ice Cream van hire company available for all types of celebrations, wedding parties, corporate ice cream van hire, company events and bookings.

Ice Cream Van Hire | Our Promise to You

Ice cream van

Ice cream van hire

Ice cream van photo shoot London

Ice Cream Van Hire | Our Goal

  • Discuss your requirements and put together a package suit you.
  • Flexibility to fulfil your needs.
  • Small deposit will secure your booking.
  • Competitive quote with quality products.
  • Friendly polite and professional Service.
  • Reliability and early arrival to events.
  • Our aim | Quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Our word is our bond.

Ice Cream Vans

Our Service

  • All bookings must be confirmed prior to each event.
  • Public Liability Insurance | Hygiene certificates | Risk assessment | CRB checked.
  • Registered with Local Borough Council.
  • Ice cream vans professionally built by Whitby Morrison in top condition.
  • Even in today’s economic climate “We let our customers decide”.
  • Contact Us for your van hire requirements | Ice cream van hire for events

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Ice Cream Vans for Corporate Hire and Promotional Events

Ice cream vans at corporate event in London 2012

Ice cream vans at corporate event in london

Honours organic ingredients dairy ice cream

Honours organic ingredients dairy ice cream

Ice cream vans for hire in Kent

Ice cream vans for hire in Kent

Ice Cream Vans for Corporate Hire

Honours Ice Cream vans for corporate hire London, Kent and all south east regions catered for. We are taking bookings for all corporate and company events that require complimentary ice creams for their clients or staff, fun days or corporate hospitality! Continue reading